December 21, 2011

Long time no see....

I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long. There has been so much going on, including getting sick so much this month. That means laying around and not doing a thing. My sweet hubby dragged the twin size bed into the living room for me so I could watch movies and pass out whenever I needed to. I think sometimes our bodies have ways of telling us to just relax finally, and that's exactly what happened.

  I got my Christmas present a little early this year, and I am in love! It is the Silhouette Cameo die cutter, similar to a Cricut. Except this thing is so amazing, and I mean AMAZING! It uses any font on your computer you already have and I can custom create designs for it to cut out. If you don't want to design any they have a store straight from the software that you can buy shapes and creations from .50- .99 cents. Isn't that awesome? So I can stay home all day in my jammies and get everything I need to create whatever I want.

   You really should look it up and see all of the amazing things it can cut and do. Besides that keeping me completely busy making things, I have a ton of photography clients suddenly. Of course since Christmas is just a few days away things are stacking up to do. I hope all is well and you all have a great holiday season!

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