January 10, 2012

Some new projects

   As I said on my last blog post I would actually post about some of my projects with the Cameo. Well here they are. My sister and I needed to make baby shower invitations for her friend, we got our heads together and some idea starters off of Pinterest. The shower was for a girl, but we didn't want to make it so super girly. So after a ton of deliberation we got the colors down to a blushy pink and a shimmering brown. (The photos are not lookin so hot today, my flash was being mean!)

    It's really too bad you cannot see the shimmery-ness of the brown!

   Some vellum envelopes and kraft paper name tags to finish it off. As well this adorable confetti that just so happened to be pink gold and white with umbrellas! How lovely huh?!  The guests loved them so much we got a customer for wedding invites, this should be fun. I guess we are starting a small card making gig on the side.

  More to come soon, as well I will be painting our bedroom in a month or so, be on your toes! Are there any crafters out there who just finished a project they love?

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