June 23, 2013

Care Bear and Cloth, Among Other Things

First things first, here is our little Caroline at three months old. How has it already been three months? Excuse the iPhone photo for now please. :)

Gosh, do I ever love that face! I think we are going to be in trouble down the road, daddy's ready to fight off the boys. She is bursting with personality and quite a bit of both us is shining through. Especially the stubbornness with either of us. She really, REALLY, lets us know when she absolutely is over something or does not want to even attempt it. We have discovered her tickle spots this week by accident, and her laugh is the most heart warming laugh I've ever heard. We learn something new every day with her.

As many of you know we are using cloth diapers, which has now got me obsessed. Who knew diapers could be so much fun? It is the one thing the hubs and I both love to buy, especially so we can see how cute she is in them. They are a little bit of work, but we are already reaping the rewards. It on'y took a few weeks for the initial investment to start paying us back. As well it is not as hard to do, even with us both working. It only takes a few seconds to throw everything into the washer and a little bit of planning to know how many we need on hand while everything else is being cleaned. 

She has never had a diaper rash. Here and there she might have a tiny red spot, but that is cleared up with some cloth friendly cream made with all natural ingredients. But never more than the one spot. It has been one of the best decisions we have made by far for her. I know though it is not for everyone, maybe I can convince a few of you out there though with reviews and tutorials over the next few weeks. Here is a quick stash photo though in the meantime. 
Missing 2 diapers here. Brands from left to right, Charlie Banana, Sweetpea, & Bumkins pockets. Flips, Rumparooz, & Sweetpea Covers. Inserts, prefolds, and a Snappi at the bottom.
Over the next few weeks I will go over the different kinds I use, what I love or hate, all the fun stuff. Also, how fun are all the colors and patterns?!

Now in other news, which I think we have told almost all family and friends, we will be putting our house up for sale shortly. We have had dreams to move out of state for years now. Finally, it looks like it will become a reality. So I will not be updating projects on the house anymore, I will however show it staged before we list it. I really wish I could have kept up with all the projects we have done over the years and shown you everything, life just got in the way in really big ways a few times. From now on it will be the adventures of us being new parents, selling our home, moving, and settling in. We will buy a house in the future and start from the beginning on here with projects as we go. The hubs even wants to get in on the action of writing posts! I hope you all can forgive me for changing direction and continue to follow us on this journey, we are so excited to share it with you. - Alisha

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