September 9, 2013

A Stache Bash Shower

As promised here is a look at the Stache Bash Baby Shower that I threw my friend! This is also part of the Silhouette Challenge. I didn't have a particulary challenging project this month, but it was a fun outcome.  This month I made some cute little straw toppers in the shapes of mustaches and some bow ties for a game we played. I never have made straw toppers and only wanted it to be a one part process. So I used the same mustache cut file as I did last month, you can get it here.

I made two small cut lines in the middle of them so I could just feed the straw through. They turned out fantastic. As well I made several little bow ties for the classic "Don't Say Baby" game. If you've never been to a baby shower, this is a great game. I gave everyone a bow tie as soon as they got there. The objective is to not say the word "baby", which is harder than one thinks. Especially at a party dedicated to a baby. Some people really have fun with this and will ask others questions where the answer includes the forbidden word. If you catch someone saying the word then you get all of their game pieces, if you don't catch them in the moment they say it then they are safe. It's a pretty fun game and really is a great ice breaker too.

I also made some of those tissue paper tassels that have been showing up everywhere lately, this was a pretty easy project as well. I found the tutorial here.

At this shower we also had everyone bring a bead for a blessingway necklace. A blessingway necklace is something to give to the mother to show her support for the upcoming birth and it is supposed to give good luck. I took all the beads home and am putting it together for her. I will post some photos of it when I am done. Each bead is to represent something from the giver to the mother.

For the goodies we had the mama's cravings. Which included broccoli, with celery and carrots and ranch cups for dipping. Lasagna rolls with extra sauce. Oreo cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, and then hershey bars for chocolate. Everyone ate the rolls and veggie cups right up!

This awesome cake was made by my friends sister. It was really the finishing touch to the whole party and brought everything together! Overall this shower turned out great and everyone had fun. This reminded me of how much I love to put on parties and I really don't know how I ever did it before having my Cameo. I hope you enjoyed checking out this little shindig! Thanks Everyone -Alisha

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  1. This party was a hit, I am sure! So modern. I love anything with a stash!

  2. What a creative Party and of course what a great way to use the Cameo LOL. I love everything party! I shall use this someday soon! Hope you have a great day

    Cami @
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Silly HOP

  3. Oh, I love those little straw toppers. I actually want to do something like that for my wedding reception using the same striped grey straws you used. It looks like you put on a great shower!

  4. You did an awesome job! I bet they loved it! This went with those adorable invites, right? LOVE IT ALL!

    1. Yes! It went with the invites from last month. Now to make the thank you cards! Thanks!