October 21, 2011


   About three weeks ago I talked the hubs into something that I know he loves me for. To paint the 3 main living areas a beautiful light shade of gray and the ceilings white. And he totally agreed with me, which was fabulous for this girl who can't keep a room the same for more than 6 months. I did pretty well for the last two years with the green on the walls, but I couldn't keep up with the decor all the time and having to match it all to green. Sometimes I want things that don't always go with green, or I don't want the house to always look like Christmas since red is it's complimentary color.

Our dogs didn't seem to mind the change in furniture, they must be used to me moving things around. 

  So for a weekend our home looked like an episode of hoarders if you were to look in one room. We moved everything from the living room into the dining room first. Then while I started in the kitchen, the hubs began painting the ceilings white in the living room. So that eventually the last room we would paint together would be the dining room. Day one, we got the whole living room painted and kitchen. As well he got the whole living room ceiling painted. That was pretty awesome and then we totally passed the heck out.

  The next day we moved all the furniture back into the living room including the dining room set.Finally by midnight we were done with everything! And I must give some tips, spend the money on the good rollers. We got special ones for textured walls made by Purdy and it made all the difference. I never had to re-coat or go back over another spot again. Of course the paint helps too, we bought the Behr Premium Plus with paint and primer in one. As well we got it in Satin finish since it was in all of the main living areas of the house. It's going to have to stand up to us, the dogs, and in the future kids. I want it to stand strong!

I love love love just love the new color, did I mention I love it? All of the colors just pop from the decorations. I can literally use any colors in any room and everything kind of flows on together. Have you guys ever tackled a painting job in one weekend? Or are you patient and spread things out over a few extra days? Tell me!

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