October 25, 2011

Judgy Wudgy....

   Tomorrow we have our adoption re-assessment for our home study. This always throws me into a nervous reck even if the house is spotless. I know we need to have a home that looks lived in, but I don't always wanna show my "living" persay. Sometimes I am careless to where I set things, especially when I get my hot flashes. Those clothes go flying and I may not pick them up for a few hours. So when you have someone coming in that is going to be the one deciding if you have a home worthy of kids then everything matters. I think of it like as if you were to have a celebrity coming into your home, you want it to look as good as it can. Nothing out of it's place and not a thing that looks cluttered. As silly as this sounds right now, it is how it makes me feel.

  I understand that once we get any children that they are going to turn it upside down and every which way; with my hubs and I trailing behind putting it back together. Even if they don't look under the cabinets to see everything in a single file row, I still feel better knowing that it is. Just in case they get curious and want to know what I am storing in the home. So for now I am going to be in a tizzy and running like a mad woman through my home to make it presentable. Especially since we found out yesterday it was going to be tomorrow!

   Have you guys ever had anyone so important over that it throws you into a spiral of cleaning even the tiniest nook and cranny?

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