September 3, 2012

We're Back!

I have been on a hiatus, for longer than I expected. But, we are back with new projects and great news! I am hoping to posts a lot more on here than I have. We have quite a number of projects in the works to get done around here. Our first successful project came as a huge surprise though. We found out we are having a baby!

This all came as a huge shock to us. We have been working on trying to adopt for almost 3 years, but finally in February we decided to put everything on hold. Originally the plan was to focus on school and just that and our careers, a family would come when it was time. Well maybe it was the lack of stress on me, but I was finally able to really start losing weight and things started falling into place for me health wise. In May I saw both my Endocrinologist and OB, I asked them the same question, could we have a baby. Delightfully they were not hesitant to say yes! I couldn't believe my ears, my husband was so excited as well. Now I knew though it'd be a while before we successfully got pregnant, I figured we would try for months, and if nothing happened then we'd take a break and try again later. That was not in our little ones plans though, it only took the first month after getting the go ahead to try again. We had been hoping to get pregnant for years, even without asking my doctors, which I know isn't always the best course of action. We were hoping maybe they'd just jump on board with us if it happened. I truly believe it all fell into place when it was supposed to without hoping things would just happen to go right.

This is my favorite 3D/4D shot, I couldn't believe they gave us any the first time. Truly a treat!

Another awesome factoid about this pregnancy is the due date. Though it has changed on us a few times, the suspected ones fall on either March 8th or March 18th. How much more perfect can it get, there's a reason this blog is called home at eight. Now I know baby will come when they are good and ready, and basically we are just calling out March as a due date all together. Nonetheless I got pretty giddy when I was told those dates.

So projects you can surely look forward to are a baby room and we are hoping to paint our front door around October. I am doing pregnancy updates on YouTube, my username is ADLandreth. You can follow along throughout the pregnancy here or there. If you don't want the nitty gritty details about pregnancy, I'd suggest you only watch the "Update" videos or read it here. As always thanks for reading and leave any questions or comments below.

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