October 10, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

So pregnancy brain is taking a toll on me and this blog. Every week I say at least once to myself I need to write about everything going on, then I forget by the end of the week. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence I just completely forget what I was saying and words fall out that make no sense. I have always been the person to walk into a room and forget why, so that's not new but it is worse. I have noticed a little more A.D.D on my part just because I will be listening to something or someone and trail off in thought or just blank out. It makes me feel terrible because I have never done that and then when I realize what I am doing I have to say something and have them go back. The only thing I am not having trouble remembering are the crazy pregnancy dreams that I have. Seriously these things are ridiculous, but kind of hilarious at the same time. I don't know if I should actually post any of them here or not, they are that crazy.

Last week we went to a "fun" ultrasound for ourselves. Any ultrasound is fun, but the doctors office ones don't always just stay on baby. We were trying to take a peek at what the baby is. I have had a gut feeling it was a girl and so has my hubs. It took almost an hour for us to finally see what we knew was there. The tech was so sweet and she really took the time to look at the baby and show us everything. She was about 80% sure it was a girl, which we did get one great shot between the legs and I have seen my fair share of boy ultrasounds. This one is not a boy, I am about 150% sure now that is is a girl. I am going tomorrow morning for my free re-do session to make sure that it is a girl. As well next week we have our anatomy scan at my high risk doctors office. So we get to see LOTS of baby this month, it makes for an exciting month between the millions of doctor appointments and classes I signed us up for. I am so excited for tomorrow because I get to take my nephew with me, he is 4 1/2 and has been begging to see the baby. I don't know if he will understand really, but it will be fun nonetheless and there always a game on the phone if he gets bored with it.

This month we have several appointments, a cloth diaper class, have to register, and finally paint the room! I will update after the ultrasound tomorrow and let you know if it is is a girl for sure! You can watch my YouTube pregnancy vlog updates

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