July 14, 2014

Reasons I Love Daddy

  Yay! I am finally back on the Silhouette Challenge. It has been months, not intended at all. We have been moving into a new home and just getting life set up in general. This month's challenge is all about favorite things, between of course using the Cameo to make fun things, the project I did also includes my favorite people.

  Last month a majority of us surely celebrated Fathers Day and this year was my husbands second one. I wanted to make something super special that included my daughter in some way. I put down in words all of the things he does for her that shows her he loves her. She is one hundred percent a "daddy's girl" and you can really tell how much they love eachother.  Unfortunately I was not able to do a direct tutorial on this project because of time constraints and a one year old who wants to get at everything I am doing. But I can give a run down of how it was accomplished!

My supplies included:

  • White Premium Silhouette Vinyl
  • 10x10 Gallery Wrap Canvas
  • Ikea RIBBA frame 
  • Navy Blue Satin Martha Stewart Multi Surface Craft Paint
  • Masking Tape (Wide- used as my transfer tape)
  • Fine Point Tweezers
  • Silhouette Spatula
  • Hook
  • A One Year Old Toddlers Painting Skills

Ribba frame and canvas left out.
  I originally wanted to put words on a canvas and have my daughter paint over them and and reveal the letters through the paint. Problems were that the letters were too small and that they couldn't quite stick to the canvas as well. I believe I probably should have used something with more "sticky" to it or convered the canvas with mod podge first to give it some grab, I had time for neither though. Instead I let my daughter have at the canvas with the paint brushes and paint to let her create a one of a kind design. This is also means in toddler world to make sure and get as much paint as possible on the brush per brush stroke. It was a lot of fun for her though and she really enjoyed it, I enjoy that she got to help and it was not just a present that mommy made from "her". 
  I reversed the letters in the program and had them cut out backwards so I could adhere them to the glass of the frame. Using tweezers and the hook to weed the vinyl letters and the masking tape to pick them up. The spatula came in handy when placing the letters onto the glass, such as when the letters K, L, and I like to stick especially. After I was finished placing the letters, I simply put the glass back in the frame, used a little masking tape to hold the canvas to the back board and sides of the frame. Then I added the back on and used little tiny nails to hold it in place. Voila! The project was easy as far as skill goes and really made my husband smile from ear to ear. 

The canvas says:
         Daddy, I love you because...
          You give the best kisses
         Tickle all the giggles out
        Play peek-a-boo
       Cook me yummy food
      Teach me new things
     Go on rrrrides
      And love me for me.
                              - Caroline 2014
And of course when we gave it to him we added in that he is the BEST daddy ever and we love him so much. The "rrrides" we are referring to also is golf cart rides. Our amazing community has over 100 miles of golf cart paths to get around the town. She asks for a ride at least 4 times daily, we really prefer it over car rides now. Our little project now hangs in the hallway by the living room so we can see it every day and admire Caroline's handy work.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our post. Now that my daughter naps on her own and goes to bed at a decent time (yay!) I should finally be able to join in these way more often. Have a happy summer!! Check out some more Silhouette Blog Challenges below and leave them some love. 

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  1. OH this is soooooo cute! I bet he just loved it!

  2. Such a cute idea!

  3. I love this idea!! What a perfect gift for daddy. I'm sure he loved it!!

  4. So cute!!! I love it!

  5. Alisha,
    A Daddy is so special. I love that you took the time to honor his relationship with your daughter.
    I have often wondered if vinyl will stick properly to glass. Thanks for answering my question and sharing a beautiful project.
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads