August 30, 2014

Cutting The Cord: An update.

Another year has yet passed without cable and we survived! Very much a first world problem in todays society, one that I am ok with not having. I am positive that not having a bill such as cable helped us move to a city we have been planning to move for years, to go down to one income now, and do more family activities together.
Riding the golf cart around town and getting outside!

Since I wrote about our life without cable last year we have learned even more about doing things frugally. Learning to curb spending habits started with cutting our cable off and it has been more gratifying every time we find a new way to cut out more material objects. Which we know is not as special as time with loved ones. Now there is absolutely no room in the budget for cable and will never be a choice really, and my kids will live just fine without it.

 Even now in watching shows together we spend the whole time together, and mostly watching our daughters favorite shows on the PBS channel located in our Roku line up. Hulu has really upped their lineup of shows and movies too. As well we all know Netflix is on top of their game with shows like "Breaking Bad" and OITNB, some of our personal favorites for after baby is asleep. We get at least 2-3 mailers every week about how the companies can offer us cable for a year for lower and lower costs. They are personally wasting a lot of money and paper sending us those. The most impressive by far has been a large gift card, laminated, hard copy of a deal, it went straight to my toddler to draw on.
Doing just fine without the cable lifestyle. 

If you are still thinking that you may not be able to live without all the channels, give yourself a challenge when it is time to renew and try going without it for a month or two and see if it is really something you want to keep. Did you do more things as a family, is there another way to watch your favorite show. Just try it, you might surprise yourself.

This is an updated post from the original written last year, you can read it here. Any questions or comments on the cable free life? Comment below! - Alisha

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