September 30, 2011

Flowers & Theraflu

   I haven't posted anything this week, because I am super sick. I caught a cold from my nephew, who I love so much.  I knew I shouldn't have given him all those kisses and hugs, but I can't resist. Look at this face!

  He started daycare a few weeks ago, and caught the first timer's cold. And  I have an immune deficiency, which makes me be able to catch your cold just by looking at you.

  Every time I felt like I could do a project this week, I got it started. Got halfway through, and had to quit. I do push myself sometimes though. If I always sat out and never did anything because I felt a little under the weather, what would I get done? Well I did that this week, and it didn't really help me. We accomplished two major projects and I got to work on a smaller one too. There are several posts to come, but if you can hang in there until next week; I promise it will be worth the reading!

   And one last note, as I was in a pretty awesome theraflu coma on the couch, my hubby surprised me. I am sure that I never looked hotter than sleeping with my legs and arms everywhere, mouth open, probably snoring. So he went out and got me some beautiful pink roses. He had cut them and put them in a vase for when I woke up. He is such a sweetie, I can't believe I got him!

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