September 25, 2011

So many projects!

I am pretty excited here. Actually more than excited, I am bouncing off the walls. And why you may ask, I am going to take on quite a few projects soon I have been dying to do.

  I am not sure if you all have heard of the new Glidden Trim & Door paint, but I have. I have heard lots of it, and every time that commercial comes on I get jealous. Jealous that I don't have that awesome paint yet, I have though of six things already to use it on. And boy am I excited. This painting adventure will totally transform my rooms in my home by one simple step. Painting!

   I will update as soon as I get the chance on what I am going to paint, and as it happens too.  In the mean time I am sprucing up this chandelier for a friend. Pretty excited, I will post step-by-step instructions soon.
yes this photo was taken on a white sheet, I was trying to use Photoshop to envision things. 

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