September 8, 2011

Home At Eight

     When it comes to choosing a name for something or someone, you want it to have meaning, right? That's why when people name their babies they pour through books, websites, and anything else that will guarantee that it will give them the best name for their child. Or people use names that have been in their family for generations and want to pass on, in hopes that it will be kept in the family. 
      Well, this is my new baby right now, and I wanted a name to be catchy, but have meaning too. This is the run down, so stay with me. My hubs, Daniel, and I both have birthdays in August; the eighth month of the year. As well both of our birthdays fall on a day in the month with an 8, We were both born in the 80's. We have now known each other for 8 years as well. Then lastly both homes that we have lived in the together freakishly have ended with the number 8. So therefore our lucky number seems to be 8, maybe this is why I like things in even pairs as well; could be an answer?
       I had brainstormed several names for days, and nothing seemed to pull at my heart and sound great to me at the same time. I even made several web banners for the other names, and still nothing felt right. Then one night I was laying in bed, and it hit me. I was thinking about everything 8 in our lives and the name just flowed out. I love it, and I hope my home will too. 
     This house has let me do endless projects to it, while I was finding my true decorating style. I have covered it in paint, nails, staples, and even wallpaper; yet it still loves me and lets me make it pretty. Well if anyone was wondering,  that is the answer to the name of this blog, and how it came to be. 

The framing is finally up! This seemed like it took forever to get to. 

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