September 22, 2011

Telly Box

      Do you ever walk by something and say "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!"? Well I do, a lot, and especially in my favorite store; Goodwill. I spot things that I know have never been loved very much. Things that were thought to be so ugly that no one would ever want them. Well I do! I want your ugly stuff, even if it's covered in pink and neon green yellow plaid, with some flowers and polka dots mixed in there. Making old ugly things beautiful again is my thing. It brings me odd amounts of joy to re-furbish furniture, frames, mirrors, whatever you can find.

    So when I walked into Goodwill, the one that is a good 40 minutes from my house, I saw this beauty. It was love at first sight.

   Yes, I fell in love with this awesomely almost hideous piece. Thankfully my hubs had been through this with me already, and didn't fight me on it. Thankfully we still had our small forester, so we paid the $50 plus 10% off with my goodwill card, and packed that sucker up. It is super heavy too and was very unstable.

   It only sat for about one day before I started it's makeover. We needed another dresser, and bad. I was taking up all the space in our drawers with my copious amount of clothes. It was perfect, look at all this organizing space!
That is a drawer under the cubbies too! 
    I had to clean this sucker down several times with the vacuum, pledge, and some Lysol too. I was dirtier than dirty. I found some change behind the drawers , which I guess means it paid me to clean it out and love it.  I started painting a little to see if black was going to be the right color for it. I wanted something that would go in every room, if it ever had to move out of our room in the future. I found out that it was only partially real wood, the doors are made of wood and a plastic backing resembling wood. Probably because the doors are so dang heavy, any more would make it tip over. I didn't sand it down like I normally would with these things as there were too many cracks and crevices. I used black lacquer spray paint for the front of the doors and drawers. Then used a lacquer black paint with a brush for the side.

    I admit it took a couple of coats to get it to cover and stay. In the end though it turned out perfect. I decided to keep the original handles, I felt like they had a lot of character and i kinda liked them. I used silver metallic spray paint to cover them. They turned out way better than I was expecting, and have held up very well. 

     For a very long time our TV sat on the top of it while the inside had cubbies, and so many clothes that I busted the drawer out on the bottom. So on our recent trip to Georgia to see my mom, we stopped at IKEA and picked up a dresser, as well as some other things. When we got back home I got the new dresser together and took a lot of weight off of the armoire. 

  One day I was cleaning and watching TV in our room, and it hit me. Could the TV fit inside of the armoire? The cubbies were a little tough to get out, but they were just the kind that slid into the sides. After some prying they all came out. The TV fit perfectly. Thankfully we had already drilled a hole in the back on the inside since it was where we previously had the cable box. 

The inside of the doors are called "grasshopper green". Our accent colors are green in our room, so I figured I would make it have some accent color as well.  

  So now the TV is hidden, and our room feels a little more grown up. I don't like having the television be the center of attention in the rooms. I think they should speak for themselves before anyone's eye is driven to the big black box in the room. So now it is hidden until we want to watch something. I love it. 

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