September 8, 2011


      To anyone reading this, first thanks for doing so. I have created this blog to share all the projects I do around the  house and to share some things about our home. 
      We bought our home 3 years ago and have been loving every moment of it. Even though we bought the house new, got to pick everything that went in, etc; I still have love to give to it by making it a little unique and special. 
      We spent the first year just settling in and figuring out everything that comes with having a home. We spent a lot of time and effort outside on the front garden and in the back yard. I will be posting things that we have done in the past few years first and then get to the present. I am so excited to share all the up and downhill stories of making this house a home! 

This is the "house" after we put down our money in February of 2008. 

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