November 6, 2011

Couch Surfing

     We went window shopping today, which is so hard for me. When I love something, I want it, need it, right then. I know how to be patient, I am not saying it is easy to do. So we traveled to our local furniture stores and had some looksies. There are a few things we are looking for, but first thing on the list is a new sofa, er, sectional. With the possibility of kiddo's soon, we need something family friendly and large!

   Also our current sofa is sinking in somehow, we have only had it for 4 1/2 years. I guess 300 only goes so far for quality? Well I have a TON of things I look for in a couch, and so does the hubs. Seat depth is the number one thing on my list. I have very long legs for my body, and I don't like hanging halfway off the couch. Also style is another big thing, I want it to look pretty but not tooooo fancy. Like you would be okay with sitting on it and the curling-up ability is high on the list. Can the WHOLE family fit mostly comfortably? Then of course the durability with children is a big one too. Can we easily get stains out, and will the frame hold up well. I know I am out of my stupid mind to want a cream couch. But what can I say? I love them, and always have. We can always set some rules about no food or drink unless it is movie night and everyone leans over the coffee table while sitting on an inch of space to eat color less, oil less food; i.e. popcorn. Well we found the one we want, way out of our price range we had our hearts set on. Yet if we want it to last for 10 years, we may have to spend a little extra to get what we really want. We also saw a leather one, but when I laid my eyes on this one, it was love at first sight. I kept going back just falling into it. The picture does it no justice, this sucker is huge and deep, and comfy. And my true love as far as couches go.

Paula Deen

   It is part of Paula Deen's new furniture line. I am pretty sure she got right into my brain and saw everything I loved and made this line. I know, it's silly, but that's how I feel! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in her line, as well as her cooking. We are hoping to get this for Christmas for our "family". This is not just for us, but for any children we are lucky enough to get chosen for. This will make it our home for everyone!

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